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AddressUpdater began as a final Harvard homework project for CS50. I needed an application to help me update my contacts and generate mailing labels for holiday cards.  Address Updater allows your contacts to update their own information and generate Avery labels in PDF format.

Address Updater V1
Created 2017

Address Updater V2
Created 2018


Dashboard - A quick view of all the site’s functionality and your analytics based on your site usage and your contact’s engagement with self-updating their information.

Address Book - A quick link to the list view for managing all your contacts

Manage Contacts

  • All Contacts - List View to manage all your Contacts
  • Add Contact - Add a New Contact Form
  • Import CSV - Import multiple contacts from a CSV file (with or without headers)
  • Import Google - Import contacts from Google (gmail)
  • Batch Delete - Delete multiple contacts at once

Send Update Link

  • Share Link - A unique link you can send to your contact to allow them to update their own information
  • Batch Email - Send a unique link via email to multiple contacts at once.
  • Batch Text -  Send a unique link via email or text message to multiple contacts at once.