Fun Party Games

Baby Shower Games

Planning a party and need inspiration on how to make the event unique, special and memorable?

I found myself planning several parties over the years including milestone or themed birthday, bachelorette parties, wedding showers, baby showers, company picnics and awards or charity events.  I would spend hours googling ideas and recently creating pinterest boards because it was important to me that all my attendees had such a good time that they looked forward to the next event.  After awhile I became known as the go-to person in my social circle for creative party ideas.  Some people do not know where to start, others get so lost in the details they forget major things like music but the most common problem is “lack of time”  They cannot dedicate 100 hours to researching party games, gifts, favors or decorations.

I decided to start with baby showers since I feel they are one of those events most in-need of a revamp.  You get to a certain age and all your friends are pregnant.  The same games always seemed to be played.  Guess the circumference of the mom-to-be’s belly, lick melted candy bars from a diaper, guess the price of baby items or decorate a onesie. All fun games BUT maybe you want to do something different.  Maybe you want games where your guests are laughing so hard that their eyes water.  That was the inspiration for this site.