Holiday Card Exchange

2018 Holiday Card Exchange

I found there was not an easy way to sign up for a card exchange online so I made one.

The Holiday Card Exchange is a community website for people from all over the world to exchange physical holiday cards and gifts. This site is to facilitate the process by giving you an easy place to collect addresses and track who you have sent cards. It requires that you write, address and mail the cards yourself. It is not a card mailing service. The site’s purpose is to make it easy for you to meet a community of other holiday card enthusiasts who would like to send and receive holiday cards from around the world.

Holiday cards make incredible decorations for your home. You can string them across your living room, tape them to a doorway or wall and watch your collection grow over the holiday months. The art of sending holiday cards has slowly dwindled as the digital age has replaced old fashioned cards with emails, eCards and social network status updates.

Please sign-up and select members to exchange cards.

  • Do you love sending and receiving Holiday Cards?
  • Do you want to participate in an international Holiday Card Exchange?
  • Do you want to see a list of Good Deed Cards? (Addresses where you can send cards to people in need of some holiday cheer)
  • Want to make the card exchange into a game for the family? Printable Map