Microstock – Photoshop Scripting Batch Convert AI to JPG

A photoshop script written in javascript to batch convert your illustrator ai files into jpg. Useful when needing to create thumbnails, galleries or submit to microstock sites. If you are like me then you dislike mindless tasks and try to automate anything repetitious. With Microstock you can spend hours resizing and saving your images. What you may not know is that photoshop allows you to write script that automate these tasks.

Great Resources:

If you want to write your own scripts I recommend using Adobe”s ExtendScript Toolkit If you have the Adobe creative suite installed then you probably already have the Adobe ExtendScript Toolkit Installed. If not, then you can download it for free on the Adobe website.

Batch Convert AI to JPG

Here is a script I wrote to take your AI illustrator files in a folder and save them as large JPG files and thumbnails.