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Looking for a Last Minute Gift?


Love coupons are romantic vouchers or little IOU”s that your loved one can cash-in the next time they”re in the mood for a romantic, fun, or even a sexy experience! Purchase, download, print, cut out and give as a gift. A creative, inexpensive gift that your significant other will love.

In this package you will get 20 love coupons

  1. Breakfast in Bed
  2. Your Choice of Dinner and Drinks
  3. One Kiss Anywhere you Choose
  4. Strip Tease
  5. A Bubble Bath for Two
  6. Evening Together with Electronics Off
  7. Get out of One Household Chore
  8. A Day to Yoursself to do Whatever you Want
  9. 15 Minute Back Massage
  10. 1 Hour of Cuddling
  11. 24 Hours of no Arguments
  12. 15 Minute Erotic (clothing optional)
  13. 2 Hours of Alone Time (Just the two of you)
  14. 10 Minute Soothing Foot Massage
  15. 20 Minute Head and Neck Massage
  16. Get out of trouble free pass
  17. A free “I”m Sorry”
  18. Blank
  19. Blank (______ hours of _______)
  20. Blank (______ minutes of ______)

Romantic ideas

  1. Love coupons make excellent birthday and holiday gifts. Give your partner a romantic card filled with love coupons.
  2. Trade your partner for love coupons. Use them as relationship currency.
  3. Forget flowers, get your partner a bouquet of love coupons.
  4. Use as stocking stuffers
  5. Print out several of one coupon and let them redeem them over and over again.

Unique about these love coupons

  • You can set an expiration date
  • Funny but useful disclaimer on the bottom of each coupon: “Non-Transferable. Not valid with any other offer. One coupon per recipient per day. Coupon must be surrendered at time of use. Not for resale. No cash value. Void where prohibited. “
  • Includes several blank templates so you can create your own custom love coupons

Ideas for your Blank Coupons:

  • Free Manicure (or pedicure)
  • I Grant You 3 Wishes (be careful with this one!)
  • Let”s Have Alone Time (two hours with just the two of you)
  • Hit the Links! (let them play a round of golf even though there are chores to do)
  • A Day at the Beach (you”ll bring treats!)
  • Take the Night Off! (let them go out with friends – you”ll watch the kids if have ”em)
  • 30 Minutes of Mellow (1/2 hour relaxing together on the couch, on the deck, in bed, in a hammock – their choice)
  • Bath Fit for a King/Queen (a long bath while you set the music, bring them wine and snack like grapes or cheese)
  • I”ll Cook AND Clean! (cook dinner for them and do the dishes)
  • Movie Night (or video – whatever they want)
  • You Control the Remote (watch the game or tv show of their choice – no complaining!)
  • Sweets for My Sweetie? (make homemade cookies, brownies, or whatever for them – or do it together)
  • Music and Merry (relax with their favorite music and a glass of wine)
  • Hit the Town! (go out for a drink or a night on the town)
  • Soak it Up (relax in a hot tub together)
  • Get Out of Trouble Free
  • Your Favorite Dessert (take them out for their favorite sweet treat)
  • Shall We Play a Game? (any game of their choice)
  • Yes Boss! (do one chore they hate to do around the house – washing their car or cleaning the interior, cleaning a room/fridge/windows, yard work)
  • Candlelit Dinner (you”ll cook)
  • Romantic Restaurant (their choice)
  • Sunday Brunch (their choice)
  • Moonlit Walk
  • Photo Shoot (let them photograph you however they want)
  • Nice Day for a Picnic (romantic picnic at a spot of their choice)
  • Let”s Watch the Sunset (with a bottle of wine of course)
  • Cuddle Next to a Fire (indoor or out)
  • Romantic Movie (whatever they want – no complaints)
  • Let”s Spend the Night Out (spend the night at a hotel)
  • May I Have This Dance? (15 minutes of slow dancing to the music of their choice)
  • I”m Feeling Bubbly! (candlelit bubble bath together)
  • Skinny Dipping
  • Hail Caesar! (feed them chocolate, strawberries, grapes, while listen to their favorite music)
  • Strip Poker
  • Striptease
  • Quickie (you don”t mind!)
  • Dress Me Up (you”ll wear sexy lingerie, an outfit, or costume of their choice)
  • Ice is Nice (creative use of ice cubes)
  • Phone Sex
  • Your Wish is My Command (grant 3 intimate wishes – must be cashed in the same night)
  • Special Massage (candlelit sensual massage with a happy ending)
  • Let My Tongue do the Talking (oral adventures)
  • Let”s Get Dirty in the Shower!
  • The Boobs and Nothing but the Boobs (popular with the guys)
  • The Answer is YES (whatever they want, they get)
  • Honey, Get the Honey (try sex with whipped cream, strawberries, chocolate, honey, or some other fun food)
  • Fantasy Island (fulfill one of their deep, dark fantasies)
  • Batteries Not Included (pick out a toy at an adult store)
  • Role Play (pretend to be whatever they want for a night)
  • It”s Good to be the King/Queen (you do whatever they want)
  • Tie Me Up Tie Me Down (handcuffs, rope, blindfold, or whatever)
  • Almost Famous (watch an adult film and act out the scenes)

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