2024 Feedback from my Stunning Colleagues

At Netflix feedback is core to our culture.

Leadership and Impact

  1. "When I think of someone who is always in the right place at the right time, asking the right questions, and providing the right context, I think of you. Your words prompt our team to think about what truly matters and to stop thinking about things that don't. Your presence in meetings accelerates our decision-making and generally raises the bar for expectations of what our team can do."
  2. "I've seen people that can do this, but I've never seen someone do it as effortlessly and compassionately as you do. You don't throw your voice around in meetings. You ask critical questions that lead folks to important realizations. And you bring new context to the table that our team often does not have because the team is so early in its Netflix journey. Your actions serve as a model for excellence and you have demonstrated impact broadly across our organization."
  3. "Jasmine's work on GTM put her in front of some of our most influential partners and Jasmine was able to change their perception of DevEd, which was a huge feat."
  4. "Jasmine's leadership in the AI space, both inside and outside Netflix, has been inspiring to watch. With all the growth Jasmine displayed in the past 11 months, she put herself in the best position to gain a position that she desired, GenAI TPM. Well earned, Jasmine!"
  5. "Jasmine, you bring energy and positivity to every meeting you are in. It is something I look forward to and I'm so glad you will be working on NCP again. I appreciate the level of organization and clarity you bring to the project."

Documentation and Process Improvement

  1. "I also REALLY appreciate your push for documenting things in general. I hear your voice every time I'm about to push a new feature for ESO bot. It's so hard to develop and document simultaneously. I'd like to think that you're a big part of why the Remote Dev Workspaces docs are as full and well thought out as they are. Of all of the products we've onboarded to ESO support, I feel like this will be the most seamless transition."
  2. "You have raised the bar on how a project is executed and set standards on certain things for us to follow for future projects. Your communication, post meeting summary, follow-ups, actionable items and so many other things that help me and the team keep moving forward."
  3. "You are detail-oriented, meticulous, and customer-obsessed, which is evident from your comprehensive user documentation, the way you've eagerly engaged users throughout beta and pre-launch phases, and your thoughtful shepherding of the development and launch tasks to help achieve our GA deliverables."
  4. "It was great to work with you kickstarting the Netflix Copilot Platform a year ago. You have selflessly continued to help me evangelize the Slack copilot integration and other community-driven GenAI integrations a whole year later."
  5. "Your 360 review inbox must be overflowing with positive feedback, and it's easy to see why. Working with you has been rewarding, pleasant, and fruitful; you consistently demonstrate that we are in capable hands."

Collaboration and Team Engagement

  1. "I knew that Jasmine was special from the moment we met. From the word go, Jasmine was everything I could hope for as a stunning colleague, with my limited knowledge at the time. Over the past year, Jasmine has impressed me more times than I can count and has also thoughtfully considered feedback and made appropriate changes. Jasmine's energy is contagious and she is terrific at bringing along whomever she's meeting with on her journey."
  2. "Jasmine's work output and behaviors were/are in such high demand. With Jasmine's help, we were able to redefine the mission and vision of DevEd and set out a plan to get us there, which included addressing team talent density issues. As the DevEd team evolved around Jasmine, and we became one team with ESO, she not only rolled with the changes, she cleverly leaned into them for personal and team growth."
  3. "Jasmine, working with you these last few months has been both a pleasure and a privilege. I am deeply grateful for the selflessness you demonstrated in your willingness to dive in to help drive data ownership forward when it was down TPM support."
  4. "Jasmine, it has been a pleasure working with you on this ownership project! You always bring positive energy in any meetings or discussions we are in, continue doing it!"
  5. "Jasmine, you have an eye on looking at the end to end (E2E) picture of the project vision, flag possible risks. That is a very important skill to have as folks dive into their verticals at times and might be missing some areas."

Innovation and Initiative

  1. "Jasmine's leadership in the AI space, both inside and outside Netflix, has been inspiring to watch. With all the growth Jasmine displayed in the past 11 months, she put herself in the best position to gain a position that she desired, GenAI TPM. Well earned, Jasmine!"
  2. "Your dedication to personal and professional growth is impressive! You went above and beyond outside of work to level up your skills in generative AI, only to start leading generative AI projects at Netflix, which ultimately led to a dedicated role on the newly formed team. I can't think of anyone who deserves it more than you. This is a testament to all the hours you put in."
  3. "You continue to be an invaluable source for connecting and educating people at all technical levels with the latest technologies. I am very happy to see you are transitioning to a new role. Let's keep collaborating."
  4. "Jasmine exemplifies a stunning colleague through her boundless curiosity and deep subject matter expertise. Her involvement in leading generative AI initiatives, specifically with projects like chat and search, as well as the development of the DocHelper, showcase her profound knowledge and innovative thinking."
  5. "I am truly grateful we got to work together on the Netflix Copilot Platform. You are a true dream team member and a key part of the team's success. You embody all the core Netflix culture values, and you excel in many areas."

2023 Feedback from my Stunning Colleagues


  1. "Your communication was excellent! I really appreciated you encouraging me to keep my trial. Thank you for advocating for me!"
  2. "You excel at effectively communicating with large audiences and cultivating partnerships with other Netflix teams. Additionally, you possess a solid understanding of the wide array of new technical topics we work with. It's truly remarkable to encounter someone like you who demonstrates strength and proficiency across such diverse domains."
  3. "I've really appreciated your open mind and willingness to think outside the box when coming up with ideas for improving the user experience around documentation. I've also appreciated your openAI evangelism; I think your enthusiasm for using new technologies is an important piece of the documentation puzzle."
  4. "I've only worked with Jasmine for about a month or so on the Co-Pilot platform, so I don't have a deep well of experience to draw from, but in the short time we've worked together, I've seen her strongly demonstrate the values of Integrity and Communication. She is a thoughtful and clear communicator, staying on top of juggling countless details and bringing them together in digestible summaries and planning docs with the most dense nutritional value possible for all partners and stakeholders. She is also very personable and always greets everyone with a smile."
  5. "You have a great line of sight into different business areas and are always willing to share your knowledge and context."


  1. "Jasmine, your passion and energy are infectious! You are always willing to jump into new problem spaces, experiment with new ideas and help our peers and partners in whatever capacity they need. You are flexible, hard-working and bring so much positive energy to the DevEd team."
  2. "Generative AI for developer productivity just came out of nowhere and you suddenly were the face of it. I’ve never worked with you before and yet you were the biggest enabler of progress for me and my team with AI from our first DM. I came here to say that’s impressive, and thanks."
  3. "Jasmine has been a key contributor and collaborator on our work in Discovery & Learning. She's incredibly perceptive and is able to surface gaps or problems before they become issues."
  4. "You’re passionate about your work, which shows through the training programs you’ve created and evolved. You always keep your org and the business top of mind. Your thought partnership on the learning technology strategy resonated with me, and I’ve challenged myself and the team to ensure we are solving for now and in the future."


  1. "She's curious to understand things better and keeps us honest by asking the hard questions. E.g., she recently proactively scheduled time to go over the docs I wrote to better understand them and call out issues and provide suggestions."
  2. "You went out of your way to address a gap in our engineering onboarding materials, dedicating a lot of your time to gather and understand information from folks closer to that domain, and then package it in a format that's easy for others to consume."
  3. "My main feedback is for Jasmine to keep doing what she's doing. She is a positive influence on not only those she directly interacts with but also the larger Netflix engineering culture and org."


  1. "I feel genuinely privileged to be working with you on the same project. Thank you for your remarkable contributions, and I strongly believe you would be incredibly valuable to any Netflix project."
  2. "Your ability through your interactions via Slack, in person, and VC to make folks feel heard and seen. In Slack, you do this by constantly engaging in different content from people via a Thread reply or a simple emoji reaction."
  3. "Beyond creating the CORE Edu course, you also shared with me your insight about how to best market and socialize the course. As someone who focuses a lot on CORE's communications, I value any insight you have in that area."
  4. "You inspire me to work hard, and show up with a burst of optimism towards any program you take under your wing."

Proactivity and Organization

  1. "You did a great job running the GitHub copilot program. You were organized, proactive, and responsive."
  2. "She's very well organized and detail-oriented - she created gh-roi-planning to keep us on track and constantly takes notes at meetings."
  3. "I've had the delightful opportunity to work with Jasmine on several projects over the last year. Her feedback and insights, particularly related to the Testing/Verification forum, has been invaluable to me for making that forum better."
  4. "Your attention to detail, proactiveness, and comfort level with tools has been critical to our success in rolling out OpenAI broadly. Keep it up!"

Coordination and Execution

  1. "She's great at coordinating meetings and comms between our team and other teams. E.g., working with our contacts at GitHub to help us get access to migration tooling, understand their engagement model, and figure out how we can leverage their expert services. She made all this happen extremely smoothly."
  2. "Before I started working directly with you in the Netflix Copilot Platform project I thought you brought a positive attitude but now I see more dimensions. Besides being an excellent communicator, presenter and documenter I think your best skill is to read people and connect them, as a hub for transmitting context."
  3. "One interaction that stands out over the past year between us was when I came to you with the idea to take pre-recorded videos and make a CORE Edu course out of them. To my surprise, you replied, 'No problem, we can make that work!'"

Impact and Influence

  1. "It was an absolute pleasure having you as a colleague. I think you exemplify the culture here, and I hope that you continue to do so."
  2. "Hi Jasmine, It seems like long ago, but it was within this feedback cycle that we last collaborated, so I wanted to let you know that I truly appreciate the work you did on the Spinnaker Essentials training."
  3. "I’ve really enjoyed being able to work with you this year. Your depth of knowledge around technology seems limitless, and your expertise is so integral to the organization. I feel like I learn something new from you every time we talk."
  4. "You have been a critical resource when it comes to the Discovery & Learning efforts especially around building a Documentation Quality Score, being involved in the Console Design feedback, Manuals Search deep dive and feedback, and your participation in the working sessions that you show up with curiosity, inquisitiveness, and passion."

2022 Feedback from my Stunning Colleagues

Collaboration and Teamwork

  1. "It was great working with you on the SBN course and docs. Without your help, this would have taken much longer, and the quality would not have been nearly as good."
  2. "Jasmine, thank you for all your help in getting the Tracing Training course initiated. You provided actionable, concrete feedback about our presentation after a practice run. You helped improve the quality of the training and suggested ways to make it more engaging (asking questions, making it more interactive). You also helped me publish the course and publicize it across Netflix."
  3. "Jasmine, you are always a delight to work with. You are creative, friendly, and possibly the most thoughtful person I've worked with at Netflix. I really appreciate your positive energy and the considerate way that you interact with your peers. I'm really glad to get to work closely with you again on the SBN migration project. For the Hackathon, you were a huge asset: you made sure we understood our participants, tracked their progress, and kept everyone engaged. You made that event a success, giving it the same care and attention you do to all of your work."
  4. "Jasmine, I have nothing but great things to say about my experience working with you. I’m so glad we crossed paths, teamed up, and built an amazing, winning Hack Day project (Nemmys!) together."

Innovation and Impact

  1. "I think there is opportunity to do similar things for a lot of the other products in platform. It would be good to start pushing on the quality of docs and learning material from a DevEd perspective and help teams get this in order."
  2. "I appreciated the curiosity you showed in this niche technology domain. Even with your previous deep technical experience, security specific controls aren't interesting to every audience. I often worry if I've gone too deep technically or provided my audience value with what I'm discussing. Your interest to explore and share this topic was valuable feedback for me on how to continue developer advocacy in this area."
  3. "You lead Netflix in effective internal communication. Your curated resources, advocacy, and advice help me to stay connected and to communicate with my colleagues."
  4. "You facilitate knowledge sharing and cross-team connections by actively encouraging colleagues to present in areas of their expertise. Some of this is in traditional forms (eg: a DevEd course/lecture) but I especially appreciate your facilitation and promotion of other events (Leadership Forum, Netflix Streaming History, State of Availability) on an as-needed basis."

Recognition and Influence

  1. "When I talk to people at Netflix about the Developer Education team, 80% of the time the first thing someone does is note, 'Oh, that’s Jasmine’s team,' and then they share an anecdote about some way you’ve been helpful. I try to share them as they come in, but it’s a pattern and theme I want to call out. Regardless of what you’re doing, you leave a positive impression with your impact. It’s noticed!"
  2. "I also think it’s important for you to continue to tell the story of the impact of your work. You do a great job of summarizing and memorializing results, but remember that narratives are made up of many touch points. Just like learning, telling the story of your work’s impact requires repetition and reinforcement after the initial communication."
  3. "Yaaaassssss! You're world class, Jasmine Robinson! Here are some notes I have to share on feedback. I'm happy to chat through any of this live if you like. Key Strength Areas: Program Management, Communication, Partnership+Stakeholder, Learner-centered Design. Opportunity Focus Areas: Not much here, but I think you're a big part of the learning community at Netflix and maybe more of an influencer than you know. "

Communication and Leadership

  • "Hi Jasmine, I wanted to give you feedback on the great job you did with SBN101. The work you did on using Descript to enhance the audio, create subtitles, and add in intro reels for SBN101 gave me a great example to follow when I was creating the UI101 course. Thanks!"
  • "Hi Jasmine, I will summarize the feedback in Netflix values:
    Communication: I see over the period of time communication is the biggest strength you have. I had worked with you on many projects in a very short period. In every interaction you made sure to provide the context before the content. You were very open to listen to my perspectives and always shared all the missing information that helped to make the best judgment.
    Empathy: In the productivity org and DevEd team we work with a lot of customers across Netflix. I always see you put your leg in the customer's shoe and try to understand the situations before trying to solve any issue. As an example, you put a lot of effort into creating the SBN migration course, and helped the whole SBN team to accurately update the status of the project on a regular basis. While working with you on an intern presentation the way you articulate the problem and helped to make the presentation more interactive was amazing. I believe that truly connect with our interns.
    Passion: you are extremely passionate about all our product portfolio and helping everyone across Netflix. I see you are always ready to take a lot of ownership and accountability across different initiatives. You are always eager to contribute to improve this space. As an example, In my first interaction you shared a lot of memos you wrote to improve the process in productivity org. The amount of details those memos have and the videos you build to explain those areas helped me a lot to understand the current state of productivity org.
    Attention to detail: In every meeting I noticed you made sure to note down all the points and share them with a larger audience. Even before the meeting you make sure that everyone understands the agenda of the meeting and all the action items taken care of. That makes every meeting more productive.
    Selflessness: At times like in CoP meetings you introduced the speaker from a different company so we all can learn and grow from best as well. That shows how you really care about other people’s success as well. I think you are a great asset to the company. You are truly living Netflix values. All the feedback you gave me so far after each of our interactions helped me a lot to improve in my space. Please continue to do all these things. I am definitely looking forward to more collaboration with you. Keep rocking!"

Technical Expertise and Innovation

  1. "You model techniques for effective virtual and async collaboration, and advocate to expanding them to be inclusive of non-hub colleagues. I encourage you to continue this. These skills are going to be critical for us as we hire engineers outside of California and we need to have a solid foundation as we continue to learn how to operate in a hybrid model."
  2. "The 'How We Code' presentation is wonderfully organized and useful for engineers new-to-Netflix and those that have 'been here forever' (as I have been described, at 18 months of tenure). I find it helpful to refresh my knowledge on the tools that my customers may be using (or building) that I don't use myself."
  3. "I've also reviewed the SBN migration videos you organized and I found it very helpful and thorough. Thank you for making it easier to be a developer at Netflix!"
  4. "Your curiosity is a core strength. In conjunction with your strong technical fundamentals, your eagerness to actually understand the systems and design patterns used at Netflix has developed a strong understanding of the various engineering personas at our company. This understanding enables you to tailor DevEd materials to a broad, diverse, and opinionated audience. Your contributions to the developer education platform have made onboarding at Netflix a more inclusive and holistic experience for all."

Knowledge Management and Process Improvement

  1. "We haven't worked closely yet, but I've been an observer of your work. I've seen we collectively (systematically) slip on knowledge management at Netflix over my (almost 6y) tenure here, with a series of not very effective attempts. I think you have a unique and effective way of approaching the problem, and the way you quickly stepped up (and continue to do!) to be the face of knowledge management is quite impressive. This area desperately needed (and continues to do so) strong ownership and leadership, and it's clear that you are acting in that role. Please continue to do so. I'm looking forward to your continued impact. The problem domain you are tackling will only get more important as the company (hopefully) continues to grow, and as we hire people with more diverse levels of experience."

2021 Feedback from my Stunning Colleagues

Communication Skills

  1. "You bring a unique perspective to the team. Please keep speaking up and offering your insights during the forum and all-hands meetings."
  2. "Your communication style is simply amazing! Sometimes I'm so busy admiring your presentation style and looking for tips I can use that I forget to pay attention to the actual content! You have an amazing ability to get people engaged and excited about topics."
  3. "I’m constantly impressed with your communication and presentation skills - I missed your talk on Evolving Platform Communication at the Platform Product Forum, but it was so interesting and effective it came up in three separate conversations over the next week."
  4. "Jasmine, your communication skills are excellent. You reached out to the node js channel with a detailed, well-explained question. I could tell how much you wanted to learn and that was inspiring."

Leadership and Initiative

  1. "Jasmine - I wish we worked closer together. You truly care about your colleagues' growth and experience at Netflix."
  2. "You are a true Informed Captain of DevEd."
  3. "Some of the impactful initiatives Jasmine led this year include(but not limited to): Stack Overflow Vendor Management, Stackathon, Virtual Onboarding, Onboarding Templates, Knowledge Management Strategy."
  4. "Your familiarity with DevProd/Platform tech lets you understand deved from a developer's perspective (your guide to building a Jetpack app is awesome)."

Collaboration and Teamwork

  1. "Thank you for always being available to help each time I’ve reached out for design help."
  2. "Thank you for being a great, collaborative thought partner."
  3. Your approachable personality is such a good fit for DevEd."
  4. "Jasmine has truly been a stunning colleague. She is often the first to volunteer for tasks, independently comes up with creative solutions and regularly provides feedback to her teammates on their initiatives."

Creativity and Innovation

  1. "You’re a very creative person and it shines through in your work."
  2. "Graphics for emails and other DevEd initiatives."
  3. "Creating Avatars for all team members in Platform Product."

Personal Attributes

  1. "You bring an amazing energy to everything you do."
  2. "I think we’re gonna need more happy hours."
  3. "Your enthusiasm is infectious."
  4. Thank you for providing positive feedback and inspiring all of us to learn new things thru Dev Ed and your own personal projects."