My role within DevEd includes onboarding new engineers, building cross-functional relationships, developing product sense, instructional design, project management, external networking, vendor management, and developing custom web applications and integrations on the Netflix engineering stack.


Significantly enhanced the engineering onboarding process by creating comprehensive tutorials, standardized training materials, a consolidated resource website, and a course catalog for new graduates while operationalizing onboarding strategies and incorporating best practices for evaluation and effectiveness.

  • Computer Setup Video Tutorial: Created a video tutorial for setting up engineering tools. Provided new hires with a step-by-step guide to set up their workstations.
  • Operationalizing Onboarding: Wrote a strategy for operationalizing onboarding. Provided a clear roadmap for scaling onboarding processes.
  • Rewrote Live Engineering Bootcamp: Created learner and facilitator guides for the engineering bootcamp. Standardized training materials, improving the learning experience.
  • Engineer Onboarding Website: Created a consolidated website for engineer onboarding resources. Simplified access to essential onboarding information.
  • Onboarding Labs: Created onboarding labs and bootcamps including facilitator and learner guides.
  • Onboarding Docs: Collected and standardized onboarding documents for engineering teams. Streamlined the onboarding process with consistent documentation.
  • Onboarding Kirkpatrick Model: Applied best practices from the Kirkpatrick model to engineer onboarding. Improved the evaluation and effectiveness of onboarding programs.
  • New Grads DevEd Engineer Onboarding Course Catalog: Conducted weekly meetings and created a course catalog for new grads. Facilitated the transition of new graduates into the engineering team.
  • TechKnowCon - Onboarding Panel: Participated in an onboarding panel with industry peers. Shared best practices and insights on onboarding.

Training Courses, Materials & Hackathons

Led and assisted in numerous training and development initiatives at Netflix, significantly enhancing engineers' skills, improving operational reliability, promoting innovation, and fostering employee engagement and recognition, while also writing, maintaining, and updating content for engineering learning solutions, including technical curriculum, guides, and best practices.

  • SDLC 101: Developed an SDLC 101 course that LinkedInprovided foundational knowledge to new engineers, enhancing their development skills.
  • Launched Being On-Call & Incident Management: Assisted with training videos. Prepared engineers for on-call duties and incident management, enhancing operational reliability.
  • Spring Boot 101 Course: Launched a comprehensive Spring Boot training course. Provided essential training to engineers, enhancing their technical skills.
  • "How We Code" Explained: Wrote an introduction to DevOps at Netflix. Provided clear guidelines on coding practices and team coordination.
  • JetPack Tutorial: Created a walk-through for using JetPack (an internal node solution) and related tools.
  • Security Workflow Explainer: Collaborated with multiple teams to vet and document security workflows.
  • Stackathon: Organized the first-ever Netflix Stackathon and created a step-by-step guide for future -athons.
  • Spring Boot Netflix Hackathons: Conducted multiple hackathons to expedite migration to Spring Boot.
  • Docathon: Assisted in the first-ever Netflix Docathon, an event to improve developer documentation.
  • Nemmys HackDay Project: Won a hackathon for developing a badging platform for employee recognition.
  • Spinnaker Cron Guidance: Created a tutorial for setting up a Spinnaker cron job to trigger an endpoint.
  • Learning Developer Toolkit (LDK): Proposed a framework for scalable learning solutions.
  • Presentation Assets: Compiled and created a landing page for presentation assets, including Netflix clips, gifs, pictograms, icons, branding assets, motion graphic templates, 3d characters, music, and slide templates.

Vendor Coordination, Licensing and Procurement

Made significant contributions to enhancing resource allocation and providing valuable learning tools at Netflix.

  • Leadership Forum: Software Procurement at Netflix: Presented on software procurement processes. Improved understanding of procurement, ensuring better resource allocation.
  • GitHub ROI Assessment: Evaluated the potential benefits and costs of migrating from Bitbucket to GitHub for source code management and development activities. The project involved a comprehensive assessment of the expected return on investment, migration costs, and strategic advantages of adopting GitHub. 
  • GitHub CoPilot: Managed the entire rollout lifecycle, from conception to execution. Coordinated with multiple teams and conducted an internal pilot with 130 developers to prove ROI, secure leadership buy-in, and oversee the purchasing and implementation phases.
  • Descript Enterprise Licensing: Secured an enterprise license and took over account management for Descript. Ensured legal and security compliance while providing essential tools.
  • Explainer Videos: Vetted explainer video vendors and piloted content creation. Identified high-quality vendors for future learning content.
  • LinkedIn Learning Pilot: Launched a pilot for LinkedIn Learning with 4000 user licenses.
  • O’Reilly Pilot: Evaluated O’Reilly learning tools for non-senior engineers. Provided valuable learning resources for career development.
  • PlusPlus: Served as a system administrator, coordinating with stakeholders to ensure accountability and value in the vendor relationship, including providing feedback for the roadmap and creation of custom features.

Mentorship and Community Building

Participated in multiple mentorship initiatives across Netflix.

  • Mentorship Pilot: Participated in testing various mentorship platforms. Provided feedback to improve mentorship programs.
  • Communities of Practice: Participated, helped facilitate, documented and evangelized multiple developer communities including the Architecture Discussion Forum, Javascript forum, Observability forum, GraphQL forum, Systems Readings, Test & Verification Forum, Accessibility Forums and Pythin Forums.
  • DevEd Volunteers: Recruited engineering volunteers for various DevEd activities. Enhanced the onboarding experience through peer support.
  • Engineers Outloud: Recognized engineering influencers and shared their contributions. Promoted a culture of knowledge sharing and appreciation.
  • External Communities: Collaborate with external developer education partners and organizations with mutual interests to exchange industry best practices. Served as a board member of TechKnowCon for two years.

Feedback & Evaluation

  • Manuals Feedback Mechanism: Developed a feedback mechanism for manuals and tracked responses. Improved the quality of engineering documentation through structured feedback.
  • Documentation Health Score: Developed the documentation health score as an automated metric designed to measure the discoverability, currency, adherence to the latest templates, and absence of pressing PRs for documentation.

Video Production

  • Video Batch Script: Write a script to combine Google Slides screenshots and mp3 files into videos.
  • Record your Training Tutorial: Created tutorials on recording training sessions. Improved the quality of recorded training materials.

Communications and Documentation

  • Communication Strategy: Consolidated feedback to create a holistic communication strategy. Improved documentation, support, and communication methods.
  • Curated Context - Slack Proposal: Proposed a strategy for enhancing context sharing using Slack. Improved knowledge sharing and collaboration.
  • DevEd Newsletter: Published monthly newsletters to keep the team informed and aligned. Improved communication and transparency within the DevEd team.