AddressUpdater is a robust application initially developed as a Harvard CS50 project to streamline contact management and mailing label generation, allowing users to update their own information. The second version enhances functionality with features like a comprehensive dashboard, Google contact import, and batch operations for emails and texts.

AddressUpdater V1

AddressUpdater V2


  1. Dashboard:
    • Provides an overview of all site functionalities and analytics based on usage and contact engagement.
  2. Address Book:
    • Quick access to manage all your contacts.
  3. Manage Contacts:
    • All Contacts: List view to manage all contacts.
    • Add Contact: Form to add a new contact.
    • Import CSV: Import multiple contacts from a CSV file, with or without headers.
    • Import Google: Import contacts directly from Google (Gmail).
    • Batch Delete: Delete multiple contacts simultaneously.
  4. Send Update Link:
    • Share Link: Unique link that allows contacts to update their own information.
    • Batch Email: Send a unique update link via email to multiple contacts at once.
    • Batch Text: Send a unique update link via text message to multiple contacts at once.

AddressUpdater V2 enhances the initial version by offering a more user-friendly interface and additional features, making contact management and updating easier and more efficient.