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A simple & easy-to-use workshop management solution for organizing your workshops, times offered, registrations, waitlists and email reminders. Workshop was built for colleges offering professional development trainings, flex day & instructional technology workshops to their staff.



  1. Attendance - Track if the user was a no-show. Give likely to show score based on previous attendee history.
  2. Calendar - Dynamically creates a public calendar of workshop times.
  3. Categories - Divide your workshops into categories. A category can be a grouping of workshops by subject or by departments.
  4. College Branded - Setup public pages with your College Logo and control colors with CSS. Limit registrations to only users with your college domain name.
  5. Course Listing - Dynamically creates a public site of all your courses
  6. Custom Fields - Add custom text fields for workshop registrations in case you need additional information from participants
  7. Easy User Interface - Intuitive, user-friendly and modern design that is easy to navigate. No training required
  8. Email - Enable automatic email reminders, promote new workshops to all members, customize email templates for pending and approved registrations.
  9. Instructors - Your workshop instructors can view their schedule and have a real-time attendee list.
  10. Members - Your members can update their registration at any time or lock down any registrations 1 hr, 12hrs or 1 day before workshop begins.
  11. Maximum Attendees - Prevent overbooking your space by placing a limit on the number of attendees.
  12. Mobile Friendly - Meaning it looks awesome on phones and mobile devices.
  13. Reminders - We all have busy schedules and attendance can be problematic especially for free trainings. Setup automatic reminders 24 hours before a workshop begins or create custom email announcements that you can send to workshop attendees using the online form.
  14. Reporting - Keep track of trainings you offered for accreditation evidence, department grants, faculty flex credit and human resources mandatory employee trainings. View reports of each course completed by each user.
  15. Workshop Survey  - create custom surveys for participant feedback.
  16. Waitlists - Enable waitlists for your workshop with a max number of waitlist spaces.
  17. Web Application - No downloads, installs, plugins, everything is in the web browser.