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Hey, I'm Jasmine Robinson 👋

I'm a Technical Program Manager at Netflix, where I thrive on helping developers succeed. With a passion for continuous learning, I aim to bring positivity to everything I do and always strive to spark joy in those around me.

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An Education (Ed) Plan is a sequence of courses designed to help you achieve your academic or career goals. The...

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Amazon ReRank

I developed an algorithm that filters out questionable reviews and offers a more accurate product ranking. I was frustrated by...

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Alertflow is an intuitive incident management system designed to help teams react swiftly and maintain a centralized communication hub while...

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Jasmine Robinson – MediumRead writing from Jasmine Robinson on Medium. Eternal Optimist | Senior Technical Program Manager | Education Technology Expert | Full-Stack Web...

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AddressUpdater is a robust application initially developed as a Harvard CS50 project to streamline contact management and mailing label generation,...

But Wait There's More

Because one site is never enough, here are a few other exciting projects I have in the works:

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